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Women Protection

India is a country known for its rich beautiful culture and tradition. Women are given the place of goddess Lakshmi in the Indian culture. But by seeing the last few year crimes against women, there seems the safety and security of women are at stake. As we can literally observe that crimes against women occur every minute in India. There has been a decline in the women status from ancient to medieval period which is continued in such an advanced era.

Each day a single woman, a girl child, a young girl, a mother and women from all walks of life are being assaulted, molested, and violated. The streets, public transport, public spaces, in particular, have become the territory of the hunters. There are certain common crimes against women are rape, dowry deaths, sexual harassment at home or workplace, kidnapping and abduction, cruelty by husband, relatives, assault on a woman, child and sex, trafficking, attack, child marriages and many more.

Though the Constitution of India has given the equal rights of dignity, equality, and freedom from gender discrimination but in practical filed no one bothers to follow such law until and unless the people's mindset towards a woman does not change.

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